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An Easy Dessert! Apple Crumble. This is the easiest apple crumble recipe and an all-time favourite quick and easy dessert. An easy English dessert, this Apple Crumble Recipe (aka Apple Crisp) is so easy to prepare. Soft baked apples, cinnamon and crunchy crumble top Today's humble apple crumble recipe reaches back English origins.

An Easy Dessert! Apple Crumble If so, don't forget to rate it below and let us know what you think! And for more fall baking ideas, check out our other incredible apple desserts. Apple crumble can be so easy to make that once you've cracked this recipe you won't ever want to buy another ready-made one! You can have An Easy Dessert! Apple Crumble using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of An Easy Dessert! Apple Crumble

  1. You need of Apple.
  2. You need of Lemon juice.
  3. You need of ☆Flour.
  4. Prepare of ☆Sugar.
  5. You need of ☆Butter.

This easy apple crumble recipe uses oats, but you can leave them out if you want a plain crumble. This recipe uses just eight ingredients to make the base and the. Apple crumble with oats,quick and easy dessert This recipe is an all-time favourite of those hankering after the ultimate quick and easy dessert. Enjoy my easy Apple Crumble, featuring juicy apples topped with a crunchy oat crumble.

An Easy Dessert! Apple Crumble instructions

  1. Combine the ☆ ingredients in a bowl until crumbly. (If you use a food processor, this takes about 2-3 minutes)..
  2. Wash and cut the apples. Sprinkle lemon juice on the apples..
  3. Put the apples in a heatproof container and top with the mixture from Step 1. Bake at 180°C for 20-30 minutes (until the surface has lightly browned)..

Baked from scratch, this simple apple dessert is a great way to Meet my easy Apple Crumble that's buttery, crispy, and completely moreish. Moreover, it's made with just a handful of very normal ingredients. Full disclosure…I am not a pie baker. I mean, I guess I like pie every now and then.but pie isn't my main squeeze. It's super simple…and there's crumb topping involved.

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